Rockette au Paradis d'Orsy

Belgian Malinois


Born: May 10th, 2020

28 - 30 kilos

FCI Pedigree, Health Guarantee, Hips/Elbows/Back X-Rays OK, Full Dentition, Both Testicles in Place

CSAU & Defense Dog Brevet Obtained!

French Ring 1 program


Meet Rockette! He has advanced obedience incl. "out" w/ recall. Having obtained his CSAU and Brevet, he is ready for the next level. You decide which direction to take this dog. He is a good candidate for personal/family protection or for high-level protection sports (ready to advanced to FR Ring or Mondioring titling which is an option we offer here). He has been tested on the civil suit and the civil deconditioning sleeve, as well as the baton, whip, 9mm pistol fire, smoke bombs, distractions - all OK. He is sound in all environments night/day. Excellent prey and defense drives. Excellent ball and food drive. Social and good around children. Environmentally stable. No handler aggression. Excellent pedigree. 

Rockette pedigree jpg.jpg